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BAGSAN Telescopic Loaders, Telescopic Crushers, and Dump Trucks offer versatile usage in the mining sector. With their high lifting capacity and maneuverability, they swiftly and efficiently handle material transport, loading, and stacking tasks.


The BAGSAN TMK-115 Crusher plays a significant role in the mining sector. This crusher is capable of breaking down hard rocks and other challenging materials into manageable sizes. This feature enhances the efficiency of mining operations and improves safety standards.

Rotatable Crusher Telescopic Boom

The BAGSAN TMK-115 Crusher is designed to meet the needs of the mining and construction industries. With its 40-degree rotatable crusher, and 90-degre left and right telescopic boom it delivers outstanding performance even in the most challenging working conditions. This feature provides flexibility in tight spaces while offering operators maximum control and precision.

BAGSAN TMK-115 Mining Telescopic Crusher is has 7 meters lifting height and 90 degre left and right rotatable boom.

Advanced Technology
Engineering Marvel

TMK-115 Conquers Every Challenge!

The GRK-115 is your go-to vehicle for transporting broken materials underground and above ground, with its efficient dumping capabilities, serving you, valuable miners!

BAGSAN GRK-115 Mining Dump Truck is has 15 tons carring capacity!
BAGSAN GRK-115 Underground Mining Dump Truck is has 15 tons carring capacity!

Telescopic Boom

The BAGSAN TMK-115 telescopic boom is produced with lifting capacities ranging 7 meters, allowing operators to easily access hard-to-reach areas.

Load Capacity

BAGSAN GRK-115 Dump Truck is designed to efficiently carry heavy loads with a capacity of 15 tons.

Attachments Compatibility

The BAGSAN TMK-115 can be easily equipped with a wide range of attachments such as crusher, buckets, forks, grapples, and lift tables, increasing their versatility and productivity for various applications.

Operator Comfort & Safety

Modern telescopic loaders, telescopic crushers, amd mining dump trucks are equipped with ergonomic cabs, intuitive controls, and safety features such as stability systems and load sensors to ensure operator comfort and safety during operation.

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