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The recycling sector plays a critical role in sustainability by enabling the reuse of waste materials and efficient utilization of resources. BAGSAN Telehandlers offer an excellent solution to enhance efficiency in this sector.

Building a Sustainable Future for Recycling Facilities with BAGSAN

Versatility and Durability

BAGSAN Telehandlers enable their use in a wide range of applications within the recycling sector. Their swift and efficient performance in tasks such as transporting, storing, and loading waste materials not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures workplace safety.

Superior Maneuverability

Designed for maneuverability, BAGSAN Telehandlers offer exceptional agility in tight spaces with their articulating feature, allowing operators to navigate crowded recycling areas with ease.

BAGSAN Telehandler: Leading the Way in Recycling Facilities!

Maximum Efficiency Throughout Extended Operating Hours

BAGSAN's next-generation telescopic wheel loaders offer ideal solutions for tasks such as waste stacking, loading, and temporary storage. Combined with appropriate attachments, these machines optimize workflows in your facilities.

Eco-Friendly Economical

Equipped with state-of-the-art engines, BAGSAN's machinery combines high fuel efficiency with low exhaust emissions.

Additionally, its low noise levels minimize environmental noise, thus contributing to sustainability efforts.

Ensuring Optimal Efficiency in Recycling Facilities with BAGSAN Wheel Telescopic Loaders

Telescopic Boom

The telescopic boom is produced with lifting capacities ranging from 6.5 meters to 15 meters depending on your preference, allowing operators to easily access hard-to-reach areas.

Load Capacity

BAGSAN telescopic loaders are designed to efficiently carry heavy loads with a capacity of 3 tons.

Attachments Compatibility

They can be easily equipped with a wide range of attachments such as buckets, forks, grapples, and lift tables, increasing their versatility and productivity for various applications.

Operator Comfort & Safety

Modern telescopic loaders are equipped with ergonomic cabs, intuitive controls, and safety features such as stability systems and load sensors to ensure operator comfort and safety during operation.

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