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"BAGSAN: A Proud Future in the 100th Anniversary of the Republic!"

Reaching the first 100 years of the Turkish Republic is a tremendous source of pride. This significant milestone represents not only the establishment of a nation but also the rebirth of a people. Celebrating the 100th year of the Turkish Republic is not only an honor for the country but also a point of great pride for BAGSAN.

Our establishment symbolizes paying homage to the courage, vision, and determination of the founding father of this great nation, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and his comrades. Their leadership and patriotism continue to inspire us today.

As BAGSAN, we take immense pride in serving the Turkish Republic's first century and beyond. Over the years, we have grown in the business world with advanced technology and superior quality principles. However, we have always remained loyal to the values and heritage of this great nation.

As we share in the excitement of the 100th year, we commemorate the unforgettable leaders of the Turkish Republic's founding and all the patriots who contributed. We are grateful for the journey we've shared, and we are committed to working towards a future that further glorifies this legacy and contributes even more to our nation.

Happy 100th year to the Turkish Republic!


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