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Our '4-Stage Automatic Gearbox Project', which we successfully completed, was initiated in 2021. As part of our project, we started to produce Matiz Gearbox with the BAGSAN logo in our facilities and started to use them in our machines. Despite many difficulties during the completion process, this project was successfully concluded thanks to our technical team in January 2023.

During the production of Matiz Gearbox with the BAGSAN logo in our facilities, a meticulous production process is applied to ensure the highest quality standards. Our machine park in the facility consists of state-of-the-art products and uses the most advanced technologies. Thus, we offer high-quality products to our customers.

Our 'Differential Project', which we started in March 2023, is still ongoing. We aim to offer our customers the highest quality service by testing the walking system, reinforced subframe, hydraulic system, telescopic boom and other components of our machines together with our technical team under challenging conditions.

The tests of the components in our machines are carried out under challenging conditions. Thus, it is guaranteed that all components will perform perfectly even under the most challenging conditions. The service we offer to our customers ensures that we provide reliable and durable products in addition to high-quality products.

We owe our successes in our projects to the talents and hard work of our technical team. All of our employees show great dedication to completing their work in our facilities in compliance with the highest quality standards. As a result of these dedicated efforts, we are proud to offer our customers the highest quality service.

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