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BAGSAN MHR 105 Introduction Video

BAGSAN MHR 105 Wheel Telescopic Loader, boasting a robust 105 HP engine power and equipped with a 4x4 wheel driving, articulated structure, and automatic transmission, stands out as a versatile solution for various tasks. With the ability to perform crab steering, this loader ensures enhanced maneuverability. It achieves a remarkable lifting height of 7.5 meters, coupled with a substantial 3-ton lifting capacity, making it a reliable choice for handling heavy loads. The telescopic boom, featuring a ±90 degree rotation, adds flexibility to its functionality. Additionally, the inclusion of a leveling shovel and compatibility with special attachments, such as buckets, highlights its adaptability for a wide range of applications. Running on diesel fuel, the BAGSAN MHR 105 combines power and efficiency, making it a valuable asset for construction and material handling tasks.


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