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BAGSAN MHR 105: Revolutionizing Forestry Operations!

The forestry sector encounters challenging conditions and diverse cargo transportation needs. Enter the BAGSAN MHR 105 Wheel Telescopic Loader! This incredible telescopic handler brings a breath of fresh air to forestry operations with its powerful performance, rotating boom feature, and versatile applications. Here are the outstanding features and advantages of the MHR 105 that will capture your interest!

The Telescopic Marvel MHR 105

The MHR 105 stands out with its 105 horsepower engine, 4x4 drive system, automatic transmission, and crab steering feature. Effective maneuverability in tight spaces and various application possibilities allow you to tackle tasks quickly and efficiently.

The Enchantment of the Rotatable Boom

The most striking feature of the MHR 105 is its telescopic boom that rotates 90 degrees to the right and left! This feature provides operators with incredible precision, allowing them to place loads in any direction with ease. In the forestry sector, this feature simplifies tasks like loading wood and transporting bales, saving valuable time.

The Intersection of Technology and Efficiency

With a lifting height of 7.5 meters and a lifting capacity of 3 tons, the MHR 105 enables you to handle tasks with high efficiency. The leveling shovel facilitates quick and effective ground adjustments. Additionally, optional attachments can enhance functionality, allowing you to customize the machine according to your needs.

Suitable for Every Task

The BAGSAN MHR 105 offers a solution for every forestry task. Whether it's loading wood, stacking, bale transportation, farm work, scrap handling, or more, it proves to be an ideal machine. It can also be utilized in various sectors such as oil companies for barrel transport.

Designed to accelerate forestry operations, increase efficiency, and provide operational convenience, the BAGSAN MHR 105 Wheel Telescopic Loader is here to make a difference. This powerful, versatile, and technologically equipped telescopic handler is ready to take your operations to the next level. Discover and streamline your work effortlessly!


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