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BAGSAN MHR 105 Telescopic Loader: The Powerhouse of the Agricultural Sector

The BAGSAN MHR 105 Telescopic Loader stands as an indispensable tool in the agricultural sector, playing a vital role in the beetroot harvesting season. This robust machine comes equipped with a range of features designed to deliver flawless performance. Here are the standout features of the MHR 105:

1. Engine Power and Efficiency: The BAGSAN MHR 105 boasts an impressive 105 HP engine power, ensuring high efficiency in agricultural operations. Its diesel fuel type provides a more economical usage.

2. Maneuverability: With its 4x4 capability and a specialized transmission system, the BAGSAN MHR 105 exhibits superior maneuverability in field conditions. The articulation feature and automatic transmission provide ease of use for the operator.

3. Custom Design and Attachments: The MHR 105 comes with specially designed attachments for the beetroot season, enhancing functionality and flexibility for farmers. These custom attachments enable versatile use of the machine.

4. Crab Walking Feature: The crab walking feature, particularly beneficial in confined spaces, sets the BAGSAN MHR 105 apart from its competitors. This capability allows the operator to maneuver easily and complete tasks more efficiently.

5. High Lifting Capacity and Height: With a lifting height of 7.5 meters and a lifting capacity of 3 tons, the BAGSAN MHR 105 delivers an impressive performance in accessing high storage areas and lifting heavy loads.

Equipped with the latest technological innovations in the agricultural sector, the BAGSAN MHR 105 Telescopic Loader offers farmers a more efficient, faster, and user-friendly working experience.

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