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The BAGSAN BH 4075 HB stands out as a revolutionary log attachment in the forestry sector!

Bagsan BH 4075 HB telescopic loader logging loader in the forest

With an impressive lifting height of 6.5 meters and a robust lifting capacity of 3 tons, this powerful machine's performance will leave you astonished. Its remarkable 105 horsepower engine adds to the awe-inspiring power.

The automatic transmission and articulation feature tailored for terrain conditions transform the BAGSAN BH 4075 HB into a forestry hero with high maneuverability. These features ensure easy use even in tight spaces, translating to excellent performance in challenging forest conditions.

Designed to meet the needs of the forestry industry, the BAGSAN BH 4075 HB is a reliable and durable machine. With both functionality and user-friendliness, it captures attention. This excellent log attachment is an ideal choice to make your forestry operations more efficient and secure. Set a new standard in the forestry sector with the BH 4075 HB!


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