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The Power of the Forest: BAGSAN MHR 105 Wheel Telescopic Loader

 The BAGSAN brand MHR 105 model Wheel Telescopic Loader comes equipped with logging attachments and octopus attachments

The forestry and logging sector continues to advance, harnessing the power of nature more each day. Leading the way in this industry is the BAGSAN MHR 105 Wheel Telescopic Loader, captivating attention with its impressive features.

With a 105-horsepower engine and 4-wheel drive, the MHR 105 delivers superior performance even in challenging terrain conditions. Additionally, the BAGSAN-branded automatic transmission ensures a highly comfortable user experience. Equipped with a waist-turning feature for high maneuverability in tight spaces and Crab Walking/Steering functionality, this loader excels in easily navigating narrow areas.

The rotatable telescopic boom feature provides easy loading in confined spaces, enhancing its maneuverability. With a lifting height of 7.5 meters and a lifting capacity of 3 tons, the MHR 105 stands out in the industry. Its ability to perform strongly even in the depths of the forest under challenging natural conditions sets it apart from competitors.

The BAGSAN MHR 105 is more than just a loader; it is a vehicle with a vision to harness the power of nature to the fullest. Bringing together advanced technology and durability in the forestry and logging sector, this telescopic loader provides an excellent solution to industry needs. With nature-friendly and robust performance, the BAGSAN MHR 105 is an ideal choice for those looking to maximize the power of the forest.


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