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BAGSAN brand MHR 105 model Wheel Telescopic Loader/Telehandler

Wheel Telescopic Loaders

MHR 105

The BAGSAN MHR 105 Wheel Telescopic Loader features a 4x4 drive, articulated design, and automatic transmission. Notable attributes include Crab Walking and a rotatable telescopic boom, making it exceptionally versatile as a telehandler/loader combination.

Wheel Telescopic Loaders

BH 4075 HB

The BAGSAN BH 4075 HB Wheel Telescopic Loader features a 4x4 drive, articulated structure, and automatic transmission, making it a versatile wheel loader equipped with cutting-edge features.

BAGSAN brand BH 4075 HB model Telehandler/Telescopic Handler
BAGSAN BH1075HB Wheel Telescopic Handler, Tümosan 4DT-39T-175C engine, 2-ton lifting capacity, and a 6.5-meter lifting height, ensuring optimal performance in various industries. With features like hydraulic steering, 4-stage gearbox, and a spacious cabin with air conditioning, it provides ultimate comfort and efficiency for operators. The machine's robust design, 7000 kg operational weight, and advanced hydraulic system make it a reliable choice. Explore BAGSAN's innovation in materials handling technology!

Wheel Telescopic Loaders

BH 1075 HB

The BAGSAN BH 1075 HB Wheel Telescopic Loader, featuring 4x2 wheel drive, an articulated design, hydrostatic walking system, and a 4-stage transmission, stands out as a versatile telehandler/loader with cutting-edge features for superior performance across diverse applications.

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